A Message from the CEO of Boots on the Green



On 13 September 2019 Boots on the Green hosted their last tournament. Boots on the Green has decided it is time to dissolve our organization. This is not a decision that was come to lightly. There have been a lot of discussions over the last few months along with prayers and tears. The final papers were signed on 13 October 2019 dissolving BotG

This website will remain open through early 2020 so that everyone can enjoy the pictures  from Boots on the Lane, Boots on the Diamond, and Boots on the Green events. 

I want to Thank all of the BotG Board of Directors and Trustees for all of their hard work and to the veterans, active duty military, and sponsors that supported up and enjoyed the comradery that was always shared when we were together. 

Thank you Sherri Benton, Bill Wiegand, Angela Graffen, Monette Lawrence, Diana LaPlantz, Laverne-Smokey Krieg, Shawn Housley, Janel Housley, Joe Baker, and Karren Baker for keeping me active. Thank you to Mark Marcuzzo and the staff of Arlington Greens Golf Course for loving the veterans so much. Thank You to St. Clair Bowl for opening your hearts and alleys to the active duty and veterans for Boots on the Lane. Thank You to John Schmeink and the Recreational Therapy Department at Jefferson Barracks VA for being a big part of BotG and Thank You to everyone that supported, played in tournaments, and volunteered at fundraisers and events for being there for BotG. 

Beverly J Krieg


Boots on the Green


Mission Statement

Boots on the Green is a 501 (c) (3) Not for Profit that has been formed to help Disabled Veterans with recreational activities.  We are a group of people that have a vested interest in the well-being of all disabled Veterans.  Under the umbrella of Boots on the Green (golf) will also be Boots on the Lane (bowling) and Boots on the Diamond (baseball) and any other Boots programs that are still to be formed.  All donations will be used to purchase sports and recreational equipment, diversity golf carts and to help with expenses for active duty and disabled veterans.

Boots on the Green Golf

Boots on the Diamond